Principal's Message

Prof. Dr. R.Johncy Rani
Apex College of Nursing

One country progress is depends on the health of people living in the country. Good health gives an opportunity to the people for the development of nation. It is strongly accepted by every nation that Nurses are the backbone of entire heath care delivery system. We, the faculty of nursing take up the responsibility in promoting nursing education based on scientific principles, and evidence based approach relating to theory and practice, in order to produce skilled, highly competent and qualified nurses, to face the challenges.
We believe and promote our National father's philosophy of education that is education is determined by the all-round development of mind body and spirit, So that our nurses are giving comprehensive health care to the people.
I am very much confident that ourApex College of nursing will create history in nursing education in India and overseas as well by ensuring a steady flow of trained professionals who meet the international standards in terms of quality of education and service provided.
I extend my hearty welcome and wishes to all the aspirants to join their hands with us for their academic journey to turn out as a successful nursing professional