Director's Message

Dr. Swaroop Patel
Apex Super Speciality Hsopital & Post Graduate Institute,
Apex Group of Higher Medical Education

Nursing is undeniably one of the most honorable practices in the esteemed field of medical Science. It is both a science and an art that requires four qualities: concern, care, compassion, and full focus..
Our outstanding and talented educators strive to create a supportive environment of learning and compassion that instills essential human values and motivates the next generation of nursing professionals.
Through the expertise and brilliance of our faculty, we are striving to foster an environment of learning and compassion that instills these essential values, inspiring the next generation of nursing professionals.Through teaching, these skills and knowledge will remain beneficial to them throughout their professional life.
Apex College of Nursing plays a significant role in our journey to help and protect more lives, disregarding the obstacles of geography, economics, and demography to strive towards our goal without focusing on profits, but with genuine enthusiasm and a meaningful goal in mind.

Dr. Ankita Patel
Apex Super Speciality Hospital & Post Graduate Institute,
Apex Group of Higher Medical Education

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Apex College of Nursing.
This institute believes that the Diploma and Bachelor course in Nursing will prepare nurses for front ranking position in nursing, both for the hospital and community services. Practice of nursing requires a good understanding of basic principles of nursing and exposure to the latest developments in nursing sciences and technology. Students are groomed to develop a sense of pride in their profession and an insatiable desire to update their skill in course of regular discharge of their professional duties. The Faculty of the institute of nursing develop the students are competent and compassionate professionals who are empowered to accept any challenges in their professional career.
Apex College of Nursing is a great place to learn. In our history we have developed an outstanding academic traditions helped by caring and dedicated teachers committed to students' learning and with support from the parents.
This institute would be unique as it should produce not only nurses with an ability to translate academic information into hospital and community, application for also social nurses with a firm commitment to create a better world.
I wish everyone success.